About Us

Catherine Togba Woyee

CEO & Founder. After School AI

Email: catherine@afterschoolai.org

The After School AI Experience


We introduce underrepresented youth, specifically Black and Latinx boys and girls in grades 6-12, to the concept of artificial intelligence through a project-based approach, hands-on learning, and civic engagement. After-School AI started as a free artificial intelligence course for middle and high school students in Durham, North Carolina, and has grown to become an in-demand program with a waiting list of students.

Catherine Woyee, started the program by funding it with income she received via her stimulus check, with the goal of teaching underrepresented students about AI and how it can be used to solve problems in their communities. She knew that this concept was achievable because she had started a similar program in Monrovia, Liberia in 2008 with just four computers, and it's still continuing today. Upon bringing the program to Durham, she employed many of the strategies that allowed students to maximize their knowledge from her previous experiences.

The Durham program quickly reached its enrollment limit as an after-school format, and Durham Public Schools expressed interest in expanding the program to more students. This goal will be attainable with more funding, but currently it's impossible to grow without additional partners.

The curriculum was created through a partnership between Woyee (a professional IT trainer) and the instructors, who are professional developers with backgrounds at such firms as Dell, Best Buy, and Apple. Using the proprietary curriculum, students learn about AI and machine learning via hands-on experiments and civic engagement projects so they can understand how a deeper knowledge of computer science allows them to solve problems in their communities.

During the eight-week long courses, the students gain an understanding of such concepts as Javascript, HTML, Cozmo, Machine Learning with Scratch, and Python.

Continuing the program would be critical to ensuring that more students in North Carolina have access to these concepts, which are not currently taught in schools. Not only do the participants learn true problem-solving skills and technical achievements, but they also gain self-esteem — which is critical for them as they become adults who can look forward and understand how they might translate their skills into viable careers.

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